Gold Dust Recognized At The 94th Annual Chamber Gala!

Darcy and Tricia Hill, Jan and Bill Walker, Matt and Cassie Thompson, and Lexi and Bart Crawford at the Ross Ragland Theater for the Klamath County Chamber of Commerce's 94th Annual Chamber Gala Awards.

It’s always nice to get recognized.  It’s even nicer when the recognition comes from your peers in your community! Back in November, the Klamath County Chamber of Commerce started taking nominations for its 94th Annual Chamber Awards Gala, with the nomination deadline being December 20th.  While the partners were attending the annual National Potato Convention […]

Spring Farming Time

It’s been an odd spring.  With that said, the only thing that’s consistent in the Klamath Basin is the fact the weather and seasons are never consistent. The extremely mild winter combined with the warmer temps of this spring are greening our winter wheat and alfalfa crops.  While the already-planted crops are putting the grow on,  our other grain […]

Is It The Running Y Ranch Or Running Y Lake?

Several flooded fields lie between the western edge of the Running Y Ranch and Walker Brothers' headquarters.

Last fall doesn’t seem very far away. The fields at the Running Y Ranch were busy, full of equipment cutting hay and grain and getting the fields ready to dig potatoes.  Before long bulkers were filling spud trucks, which headed to Malin to store the potatoes for shipping season.  Occasionally, the ground would seem to […]

Holiday Time At Gold Dust!

Felimon Zendejas Acosta received special recognition from Bill Walker for his ability to keep Gold Dust's Malin packing shed up and running at the 2013 Leadership Dinner

There’s a little snow left on the ground and the steady hum of a packing shed on the outskirts of Malin.  Yes, it’s definitely shipping season.  It’s also the holiday season at Gold Dust and Walker Brothers! Things kicked off with the Leadership Dinner on Saturday, the 14th at Mr. B’s in Klamath Falls.  Gold […]

Organic Potatoes? Yeah, We Grow ‘Em

A field of organic potatoes growing on the Running Y Ranch near Klamath Falls, OR.

  If you’ve been to the grocery store lately, you’ve probably noticed the organic produce section has steadily been increasing its territory.  Consumers are becoming more concerned about what they eat, and more and more they’re dropping organic items in their grocery carts.  As farmers, we’ve noticed this trend for years, hence adding organic hay […]