Is It The Running Y Ranch Or Running Y Lake?

Several flooded fields lie between the western edge of the Running Y Ranch and Walker Brothers' headquarters.

Last fall doesn’t seem very far away. The fields at the Running Y Ranch were busy, full of equipment cutting hay and grain and getting the fields ready to dig potatoes.  Before long bulkers were filling spud trucks, which headed to Malin to store the potatoes for shipping season.  Occasionally, the ground would seem to […]

Quiet Shed, Quiet Fields

Chipping potatoes being loaded into a truck at Gold Dust's Malin, OR campus.

Last week, two seasons came to an end for us. On Monday, May 28th, an incredibly long shipping season finally wound down.  Now, instead of a busy, buzzing packing shed, the great expanses of concrete and conveyor belts sit quiet and still in the dark.  Though one of the longest shipping seasons we’ve seen in […]

The Walking Wetlands: Communication, Cooperation and Water

US Fish and Wildlife Service's Loren Ruport and Ron Cole

Walker Brothers has worked with the US Fish and Wildlife Service on several conservation-minded projects on lands leased on the Tule Lake National Wildlife Refuge.   While the federal government requires participation in some programs in order to farm the leases (located on the nation’s only wildlife refuge that has farmed cropland on it), there are […]