USDA War On Potatoes Over?

Mr. Happy Spud is proud to announce we've won the USDA's war on Potatoes

It looks like the war on potatoes is over.  Well, perhaps the word war is a bit dramatic, so let’s just say the USDA’s expensive, nonsensical, continued effort to limit the use of potatoes in school cafeterias has come to an end. As you may recall, we brought this up a year ago in a […]

Walker Bros Win Environmental Stewardship Award!

Sandhill Crane In Stubble Field

We are very proud to announce that the National Potato Council has honored Walker Brothers with a 2010 Environmental Stewardship Award.  While it’s always nice to be recognized, to receive recognition from the National Potato Council for our work on providing cleaner water and wildlife habitat as well as for preventing soil erosion feels extra […]

Eat Potatoes, Be Happy

Happy Gold Dust Potatoes!

In this week’s PotatoPro Newsletter, the author, Paul van Eijck, wrote about the use of the phrase “comfort food” in relation to potato chips and french fries and marketing them.  According to this article, in the very near future we may see the phrase being applied to potato chips, french fries and almost anything else […]