It’s Highway Clean-Up Time Again!

Yellow garbage bags from Gold Dust's litter pick up along Micka Road in front of Gold Dust Potato Processors' sign in Malin, Oregon.

If you’ve traveled between Merrill and Malin, then you’ve undoubtedly seen the sign at the corner of Harpold Road and Highway 50 proclaiming that section of highway has been adopted by Gold Dust Potatoes and J&W Walker Farms.  With a bit of sunshine in the forecast and shipping season coming to end, it was the […]

Is It The Running Y Ranch Or Running Y Lake?

Several flooded fields lie between the western edge of the Running Y Ranch and Walker Brothers' headquarters.

Last fall doesn’t seem very far away. The fields at the Running Y Ranch were busy, full of equipment cutting hay and grain and getting the fields ready to dig potatoes.  Before long bulkers were filling spud trucks, which headed to Malin to store the potatoes for shipping season.  Occasionally, the ground would seem to […]

Organic Potatoes? Yeah, We Grow ‘Em

A field of organic potatoes growing on the Running Y Ranch near Klamath Falls, OR.

  If you’ve been to the grocery store lately, you’ve probably noticed the organic produce section has steadily been increasing its territory.  Consumers are becoming more concerned about what they eat, and more and more they’re dropping organic items in their grocery carts.  As farmers, we’ve noticed this trend for years, hence adding organic hay […]

We’re Wattsmart!

Photograph of a certificate Pacific Power gave to Walker Bros. farm for being a "wattsmart" company.

It’s official – Pacific Power says Walker Brothers is a wattsmart business! What does that mean and how did we become “wattsmart” certified?  To begin with, the wattsmart Program is group of programs and incentives offered by Pacific Power and Light to businesses to help them become more energy efficient.  Programs range from updating old HVAC […]

Gold Dust Hits The Road For The Food Bank and SOOF

Pallets of potatoes awaiting delivery to Southern Oregon Outreach Foundation and the Klamath Lake Counties Food Bank from Gold Dust Potato Processors.

On our way from our cars and pickups through the front doors of the stores in town, we hear the familiar ringing of the kettle-minders’ bells encouraging us to give whatever small amount we can afford.  The newspaper headlines proclaim the economy is eating into charitable giving and the newsreaders back up the claim in […]

Grain Harvest At The Running Y

Ibises in a Walking Wetland on the Running Y Ranch.

As we mentioned in our last post about chipping potato harvest getting underway, grain harvest is still going on.  Though we started grain harvest around Malin and have worked through a gigantic organic barley field on the Lower Klamath refuge, we’ve moved our combines down to the Running Y Ranch to harvest the wheat we […]

Gold Dust Featured In PepsiCo Sustainable Farming Report

A field planted in peas to help fight soil erosion while providing green manure

If you’ve been a visitor to our Web site and blog, you’re very aware of how proud we are of our sustainable farming program.  Over the years, Gold Dust and Walker Brothers have been striving to lessen our impact on our local environment while leaving a positive impact on our community.  On the environmental sustainability […]