Other Potato Resources

Looking for more information about potatoes or the potato business?

If you’re interested in potatoes or the potato farming industry, the following resources provide a lot of great information.

Oregon Potato Board – Dedicated to increasing market share for Oregon potatoes domestically and in the Pacific Rim, the Oregon Potato Board represents both fresh market and processed potato product producers. Aside from marketing, the Oregon Potato Board also works in research and education on behalf of Oregon potato farmers.

Potato Information Exchange – Operated by Oregon State University,  PIE is an overwhelming resource concerning all things potato.  Along with potato information from OSU, PIE also has hundreds of links to information about potatoes and potato farming.

National Potato Board – As the national marketing arm of the US potato industry, the National Potato Board works to drum up interest and demand for potatoes and potato-based products.

National Potato Council –  The National Potato Council (NPC) was established to address the concerns of potato growers in the halls of legislative power. From environmental concerns to regulatory and trade issues, the NPC provides a voice for large and small growers alike.

Potato Pro News – PotatoPro offers news and insights to the potato processing industry.  Whether you’re looking for information on french fries, dehydrated potatoes, potato starch or chips, or the latest news from potato processors and their customers, you’ll find it at PotatoPro.com or in their weekly newsletter.