About Our Modern Potato Storage and Packing Sheds

Our updated potato cellars ensure our chippers stay fresh while our packing shed efficiently gets them ready for shipping.

We pride ourselves on maintaining a state of the art facility that takes advantage of the various advances in technology that are available.  Located on Micka Road, when the old Shasta View facility was purchased by Gold Dust, at its time it was one of the most efficient packing sheds in the Klamath Basin.  In the years we have owned it, the packing shed has been updated with a modern Odenberg Titan potato sorter as well as increased in size to load trucks more efficiently.  The newer system and larger work area allows allows us to wash, sort and ship over 60,000 hundredweight per week of potatoes graded to the specifics requested by each customer.

After our potatoes are harvested, they are carefully stored in climate-controlled state of the art storage buildings, some constructed as recently as 2008.  These newer potato cellars are more energy efficient and have significantly reduced the amount of loss we have from waiting to ship.

As new innovations are developed, Gold Dust will investigate which ones will make our packing shed more efficient as well as keep damage and loss to a minimum.  We don’t adopt new technology simply for the sake of saying we have the latest equipment.  We employ those that will benefit our bottom line and ensure our customers get the best quality chipping potatoes.