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The Walker Brother Legacy

The Walkers Brothers Legacy


Bill and John Walker started farming in the Klamath Basin in 1973.

Walker Brothers (J&W Walker Farms) represents the farming side of Gold Dust.

Sustaining Growth Through Generations

Bill & John retired in 2020, leaving Bill’s grown children to run the family business. If anyone knows a farmer, they will agree they don’t stop just because they retire. John, Bill, and Jan remain advisors to the company and continue to mentor the next generation. Bill also serves as the President of the Klamath Drainage District. John, and his partner, Lisa, live near the Running Y Resort with a view that allows him to keep an eye on one of the farms and is frequently called on for advice. Bill and Jan live perched above the company’s headquarters near Malin, and both continue to support the company when advice is needed.

Growing from 200 Acres to a Basin Giant

The Walker Brothers were born & raised in Merrill, Oregon. They have spent their lives as an integral partner of the Klamath Basin community. After high school they both fell in love, married, and started families. Bill’s wife Jan (Halousek) and John’s wife Brenda (Jenkins) helped the Walker Boys build their living legacy. Their small family farm grew from 100 acres to 15,000 producing chipping potatoes, grain, and alfalfa. The farming life provided ample opportunities for their children to all grow up working on the farm in one way or another. This instilled in them the same strong work ethic their parents have.

If you turn around and no one is following you, you are just taking a walk. Real leadership is evidenced by having followers.

~Bill Walker - Founder

Inspiring The Next Generation Of Leaders

"A potato farm is not built by one man alone. It takes hard work, dedication, and

teamwork to grow a successful

business from the ground up."

~John Walker - Founder

A Bond Built From The Soil.

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